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              About Kangqiao

              Shandong Kangqiao Bio-technology Co., Ltd. started its activities in 2009 as a designated manufacturer of pesticide in China with the aim of research, production and sales of environment-friendly pesticides, act as a strategic partner of major international agrochemical companies.

              Kangqiao has more than 200 employees, including 30 senior engineers, 45 salesmen and 24 management personnel. The headquarters located in Boxing County, Binzhou City, which is a provincial-level chemical industrial park. At present, 4 synthesis lines and 2 formulating workshops were built by the latest technology in an area of 10 hectares to accumulate 3000 tons of technical and 20000 tons of formulations capacity. The marketing as well as the R & D center were founded in Qingdao City.

              The main products of Kangqiao are Pyraclostrobin, Spirodiclofen, Spiromesifen and Thifluzamide technical and formulation, it is the biggest manufacturer of Pyraclostrobin and Spirodiclofen in China. Star product 'Yingcai®(Pyraclostrobin 25%SC)' won 'The Plant Protection Product Reward 2016'.

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