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              Shandong Kangqiao Biotech to unveil registered pyraclostrobin mixtures at CAC2017

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              Chinese agrochemical company Shandong Kangqiao Bio-technology will unveil for the first time its newly developed pyraclostrobin mixtures in Booth 2F32-2G32, at the CAC2017, from March 1 to 3.

              The pyraclostrobin mixtures contain pyraclostrobin (13 percent) + boscalid 25 (percent) WDG and pyraclostrobin 23.7 (percent) + epoxiconazole 14.3 (percent) SC, and are approved by ICAMA of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

              Kangqiao is one of the drafting institutions of Chinese national pyraclostrobin TC and pyraclostrobin SC industry standard. The company has obtained six patents, and its product has been exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America, with sales volumes growing year on year.  

              Kangqiao is the first enterprise to establish a fully-automatic pyraclostrobin production line in China. The company is now in possession of pyraclostrobin TC production capacity of one thousand tons annually. Its pyraclostrobin TC production capacity and product quality are both in the leading position in the industry, being characterized by the high melting point and the stability of the product, which fits the processing of formulations such as SC, EC, WDG, DF and WE. 

              The company’s pyraclostrobin 25 percent SC named Yingcai was launched successfully to the market in the second half of 2015, which received active response from the market. In early 2017, the pyraclostrobin mixtures pyraclostrobin 13 percent + boscalid 25 percent WDG and pyraclostrobin 23.7 percent + epoxiconazole 14.3 percent SC were registered successfully, which indicates another important breakthrough of the company in fungicide product development. This has further enhanced its product vitality. 

              Kangqiao said that the objective of the company was to make its technology and product go global and become a specialist pyraclostrobin vendor.

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