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              Kangqiao launching two new Pyraclostrobin mixtures

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              Shandong Kangqiao Bio-technology Co., Ltd. believes in "crop health" as its guiding force since its inception. 

              Based on its own technical advantage, with the mission of "innovative crop solutions, improved quality of human life", the company is determined to become the leading supplier of plant protection products around the world.

              Since 2015, Kangqiao had launched Yingcai ® (Pyraclostrobin 25% SC) in the market, and is quickly getting popular in some regions, with new ideas for the activity of the new strobilurin compounds in preventing disease and increasing production. Yingcai ® can be used widely in many crops, and displays a broad spectrum, good mixture and is safe. During the three years of promotion, Yingcai® constantly brought joy to farmers with healthy crops and enhanced production.

              Beginning with Yingcai ®, Kangqiao then successively launched Xiduojin ® (Pyraclostrobin 23.7% + Epoxiconazole 14.3% SC), Lanjin® (Pyraclostrobin 6.7% + Dimethomorph 12% DF) and Haoshiduo ® (Pyraclostrobin 13% + Boscalid 25% WDG). 

              Xiduojin ® is aimed at field crops and mostly used in the main wheat producing areas such as Shandong Province, Hebei Province, Henan Province, Jiangsu Province and Anhui Province. It has shown excellent results in areas where peanut is cultivated such as in Linyi City, Rizhao City, and Henan Province. Peanut yields increased significantly, and were gratefully accepted by dealers and farmers. Lanjin ® and Haoshiduo ® were mainly used by vegetable farmers. They both have broad uses and can significantly improve crop immunity, while reducing the occurrence of diseases, while promoting crop health. They also make leaves greener, bear more beautiful fruit and extend the shelf life of the crop, making it is the first choice for vegetable farmers and fruit growers.

              In June 2017, Kangqiao released good news again, launched two new Pyraclostrobin series product Jiaduobao ® (Pyraclostrobin 5% +Metiram 55% DF), and Gaolvqi ® (Pyraclostrobin 250 g/l EC), both of which were formally under registration.

              Jiaduobao®, is a product with high price/performance ratio in the market for crop care. It is safe and effective, can be used in each stage of crops safely, with a high content of zinc, and can ensure long-term zinc supplementation. It can prevent zinc deficiency phenomenon in crops and make the plant leaves greener and healthier. Gaolvqi ®, EC formulations, is more effective and more stable. Kangqiao will unveil its newly developed Pyraclostrobin mixtures in Booth 1G-32, at the ACE2017 Shanghai, from October 15 to 17.

              Kangqiao was notified as the unit for drafting the national standard of Pyraclostrobin. The technical content of Pyraclostrobin is 98%, and it preforms excellently in terms of its quality and efficacy. After years in a hardening market, it is now highly recognized in international and domestic markets.

              In the future, Kangqiao will continue to promote Pyraclostrobin series products as the core of its product strategy, and make it an example for the entire Pyraclostrobin industry. Moreover, it is making more efforts to let farms use the best and most valuable products for increasing yield.

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