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              Shandong Kangqiao launches new brand logo

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              Chinese agrochemical company Shandong Kangqiao Chemical launched a new brand logo on January 16. The new logo encompasses “seed germination, seedling emergence, crop growth and unlimited power”, which stand for “activeness, health and vigor”, according to the company officials. The new logo combines the color of the sky and the earth, which fits Kangqiao’s corporate vision of “yield increase  and healthy crops”.

              The old and the new logo of Kangqiao

              Kangqiao is China’s first producer of spirodiclofen and pyraclostrobin techincal, having obtained the required “three licenses”. In 2017, Kangqiao completed the renovation of its 800-ton annual spirodiclofen production factory and the second fully-automatic 600-ton pyraclostrobin workshop, leading to an annual 1,500-ton pyraclostrobin capacity, which ensures the company’s first place in the Chinese market in the production of the two  technical materials.

              Over the last three years, Kangqiao’s business turnover has grown steadily, having reached a historical new height of Yuan310 million in 2017. Kangqiao also has a 50 percent share of China’s exports of spirodiclofen and pyraclostrobin.

              Yingcai (pyraclostrobin 25% SC) is Kangqiao’s main product that kicked off the company’s entry into the fungicide market. Since its market launch in 2015, the product is highly regarded by users, dealers, and even competitors, due to its high quality and excellent efficacy. In 2016 and 2017, Kangqiao successively released Xiduojin (pyraclostrobin 38%.epoxiconazole SC); Haoshiduo (pyraclostrobin 38%.boscalid WDG); and Lanjin (pyraclostrobin 18.7%.dimethomorph WG) into the market. In 2018, Kangqiao launched the blockbuster Meiyang (pyraclostrobin 25%.thifluzamide SC), and Miaocai (pyraclostrobin 40%.difenoconazole SC).

              As Kangqiao’s SC products can better fulfil the aerial crop protection requirements, Kangqiao announced at the brand launch ceremony its alliance  with DJI and Hanhe UAV enterprises in the aerial crop protection sector. The alliance is expected to promote research and application of aerial crop protection technologies to support China’s agricultural mechanization process. .

              Kangqiao wishes to gain more international exposure in the future with its superior products, such as spirodiclofen and pyraclostrob. The company will, for the time being, focus on serving major crops, and also work on expediting innovative applications of generic compounds and research on new compounds for sale under its own brand.

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